Narcissus Kisses

Here I go again, eye candy before content. This spring I have fallen in love with yellow,a color I’ve never really appreciated. Sure,orange has it’s

virtues, but then it’s got that red “id” going on. It’s true I planted a lot of naturalizing pure yellow daffodils for shock effect, and even now prefer the subtler daffodils, but this spring I appreciate all that rowdy,drunken cheerfulness. Funny,that. Currently I am extra cozy in the yellow sheets my daughter gave me when she moved, nicely paired with my sisters downsized bedspread. I’ve always wanted one of those gorgeous beds even the most ordinary people on t.v. have, and now I’ve got it.

Here’s some Narcissus faces for you, all puckered up.

2 thoughts on “Narcissus Kisses

  1. Well, falling in love with a color is definitely a thing. Good to honor it though we don’t know what it means. Good to have a lovely bed, too, and not particularly expensive. Send me a picture. I just ordered a second set for our bed to alternate just for fun. Have never done that before. Last night accidentally squashed my new glasses and immediately found a pair of old ones that had been missing for a year. Would have been up a creek if I did not have duplicate.


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