Narcissus Kisses

Here I go again, eye candy before content. This spring I have fallen in love with yellow,a color I’ve never really appreciated. Sure,orange has it’s

virtues, but then it’s got that red “id” going on. It’s true I planted a lot of naturalizing pure yellow daffodils for shock effect, and even now prefer the subtler daffodils, but this spring I appreciate all that rowdy,drunken cheerfulness. Funny,that. Currently I am extra cozy in the yellow sheets my daughter gave me when she moved, nicely paired with my sisters downsized bedspread. I’ve always wanted one of those gorgeous beds even the most ordinary people on t.v. have, and now I’ve got it.

Here’s some Narcissus faces for you, all puckered up.

Downtown Ithaca Glowing

I was actually in town for Gallery Night, and with a busted toe, only planned to walk to a couple of must-see shows. The main goal was the TCPL, which as well as being awesome just for being a library, often has  interesting and eclectic displays. This night it was pieces created from discarded materials:

Bookmark Collection for Sam by Alice Gant

Celebrate ReUse 2!Submitted work in this exhibit will incorporate materials that would otherwise be thrown away. This show is a partnership of TCPL and the Ithaca ReUse Center. Artists: Victoria Romanoff, Alice Muhlback, Alice Gant Diane Colman, Robin Tropper-Herbel,  Emily Sullivan, Clari Pennels, Teresa Yatsko, Nancy Malina, Eva M. Capobianco, Laura Robert, Maude Rith.

My sister and I were particularly interested in this exhibit because a) she knew someone in the show, like she knows someone in every place in town and b) we are planning on participating in a workshop FL ReUse is hosting to create some pieces of our own.

This piece by Alice Gant resonated with me personally, since I have both a collection of bookmarks AND things that I found in books.

Glad I made it this far, I was limping back to the car when we passed a Glow Ithaca event. I admit I miss the ice sculptures that were the centerpiece of Ithaca’s previous Winter Light festivals, but historic upstate NY cold weather patterns are now more like hysterical ones, and not in a haha way. So rather than chance an unseasonable thaw, Ithaca has switched to a sort of ground based aurora borealis concept. Twinkley light fan that I am, I enjoyed the bit of it I saw.

Glow Ithaca!The main attraction, or at least billed so, was a light installation called Prismatica by Raw Design. Tall, multi-colored lit prisms were installed around the Commons, and there were a number of young folks having fun spinning them, so that’s all good. Seeing as the Commons itself is a well lit public space, I found the effect rather muted. What I did enjoy was watching the silent disco dancers (hilarious) who glowed themselves, and the whole arena light show effect provided, including tree uplighting.


And then of course there’s Sparky. That’s some serious glowing.

Other events will be spread over the course of the next week, a change from concentrating on a single weekend. You can check out the schedule here. With any luck, maybe I’ll learn to use a light saber…

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Crazy collage_jiffknot,jadeknot

Am I going to join the long list of bloggers apologizing to their invisible aka non-existent followers for themselves being only visible in the actual world for the past year or two (or three)? Yes, I am not, and I’m just the gal to do it!

In 2015 I had the stellar experience of tagging along on the Johnny Dowd That’s Your Wife tour. I had a blast, and if you want to read about it, or, well, mostly look at pictures, zero on the posts at Johnny Dowd Fan for April 2015. Here’s one just for my peeps-a cool wattle fence in England:

Photo_wattle fence,jif

Not only did that suck up all my attention in 2015, along with a fair amount of cash spent mostly on clothes ordered from Stitch Fix with the instructions “Please keep me from being embarrassed in public”, it completely knocked me off my homesteading stride. I mean, I was on a ROCK TOUR f’r chrissake. Who needs ordinary life?

Turns out I do. Big crash for most of us the election year, and it’s time to get serious. I don’t have the chops to make this a political blog-there’s a million out there, many excellent. But like the kid says: What do I want? Science. When do I want it? After peer review.

See you on the home front!