Narcissus Kisses

Here I go again, eye candy before content. This spring I have fallen in love with yellow,a color I’ve never really appreciated. Sure,orange has it’s

virtues, but then it’s got that red “id” going on. It’s true I planted a lot of naturalizing pure yellow daffodils for shock effect, and even now prefer the subtler daffodils, but this spring I appreciate all that rowdy,drunken cheerfulness. Funny,that. Currently I am extra cozy in the yellow sheets my daughter gave me when she moved, nicely paired with my sisters downsized bedspread. I’ve always wanted one of those gorgeous beds even the most ordinary people on t.v. have, and now I’ve got it.

Here’s some Narcissus faces for you, all puckered up.

March Flowers and Forest

I’ve been keeping up on my blog “diary” this year, but somehow haven’t had the focus to create actual posts. Even in good times,contrary to all the rules of proper blogging, I add to the “page” diary daily. Not only would you never know when something new appears, but the page just goes on and on until year end. It’s just something I enjoy doing.

For posts, I try to explore topics in depth, but the only thing I have on my brain in depth seems to be the pandemic. Upshot-here’s some pretty pictures from the spring garden and woods. Hope they give you some relief.


Cancer Resource Center Family Picnic 2019 Retrospective



Here’s an event I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I couldn’t,really, because I was in it and it was a benefit for a great local non-profit The Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes. There was a strange but true art opening from which all sale profits went to the Center, featuring drawings by maverick Johnny Dowd and debuting Jade Dowd Vanderbergs constructions and crochet magic. I had some items there,too, since I didn’t chicken out. Then Johnny and Mike played a set celebrating the release of Johns new album Family Picnic. There were guest musicians,food and drink, and twinkly lights. Because there should always be twinkly lights.

It was SO fun, and if you want the selfie to prove it, check out the photo booth shots. Jyl clearly lost her mind on the props (not that they aren’t always out of hand). Really,I’m dyin’ here. The mask made it to Johnny’s European tour!

The promo is below. I think this should become an annual event, don’t you?

Join us as Johnny Dowd celebrates the release of his new album “Family Picnic” with an Art Opening featuring his sister Jennifer Edmondson, and niece Jade Dowd Vanderberg, followed by a performance by Johnny, Mike Edmondson, & Kim Sherwood-Caso. They are  pulling out all the stops, and Park Doing is opening the show.

Grayhaven Motel – 657 Elmira Rd, Ithaca
Art Opening begins at 6:00pm
Music begins at 7:30pm

The art pieces will be available for purchase at the Art Opening by making a donation to CRC. The show ends on 3/28.

Please join & share our
Facebook event page.

Presented by Low Profile.
Sound by Resident Noise.

There’s nuthin’ like a Dowd Family Picnic!

Johnny on his new album, Family Picnic, which will be released March 1:

“I had to dig pretty deep for this one. Not sure how many more tunes I have in me. Tick tock. This record took an unexpected turn to the past — my past. It’s kind of like Wrong Side of Memphis 30 years down the road. Surprisingly little has changed for me (emotionally, that is). I’m still drawn to the same themes — unrequited love, murder, general foolishness. Waltzes and shuffles and boom chuck beats abound. Ice cream chord changes. Plus Kim Sherwood-Caso and Mike Edmondson. What’s not to like? An Americana classic, if I do say so myself.”

      – CRCFL