This IS Your Mothers Blog

My daughter has informed me that the format I am using is NOT standard blog style. TMI, I think, or some other set of initials much shorter than a sentence. And she is right. What the hell am I doing? I use pages like an ongoing diary-the first entry is the oldest, the newest annoyingly at the bottom. And I write a lot of pages. Every year.

The post are discreet interests or activities of mine, and while they appear in more typical blog form, they are very likely to be WAY too long.

I think I can only do what I do in real life. I keep piles of notebooks and journals. I photograph everything that catches my attention.  I research topics and write notes no one will ever see. And I would be very surprised if doing the same thing on a computer causes me to behave any differently.

So I apologize in advance, if it turns out I am not alone here in inner space. Enter at your own risk, and don’t bother telling me it’s TLDR. I have children for that.

Welcome to my house.


2 thoughts on “This IS Your Mothers Blog

  1. Oh Jenny, I just found your blog. it’s probably been under my nose, and I either over looked it or forgot I found it. Last night I suddenly couldn’t remember, try and try again, how to put new ink cartridges in our printer. Now it keeps sending me messages that I am almost but not quite out of ink. If I come downstairs and press the OK button, it will go ahead and print for me. But beware, I will be running out of ink pretty soon now, and then the ultimate–NO MORE PRINTING. Well, I print too much as one of my sons informed me, and I write on the computer pretty much like you do–long, meandering, occasionally amusing and whatever that acronym young people use when you are telling them more than they want to hear, which, when it comes to Mom or Dad, includes pretty much everything. I’m always finding out stuff every else has known for days or decades, like what Brian Williams said about the helicopter in Iraq 13 years ago. Or is it something he said about Katrina? I loved your story about your visit with Jacquie in NC and the pretty pictures to go with it. Wish I knew how to do that.


    • You have suddenly appeared in the Blogosphere! Click “Follow” on everyone’s page, and request emails be sent if there is a new post, and you will never miss one again. And I can always use a guest writer-just email something to me.


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