Gallery Night with Friends

Just a quick post that is not so much about an event as it is about good company. But first about Gallery Night Ithaca

Art walks are not unique to Ithaca, of course, but being a college slash tourist town, we have more than your average number of small venues willing to hang a show, and an ungodly number of artists available to fill them. It’s all within walking distance downtown, and there’s free snacks and wine or cider at most of them. Not that I care.

. Kenneth McLaurin

At the CAP Art Space the show was titled “Why I Did It”. This is one of my favorite stops as they is usually have an extremely wide variety of works in all media and styles. At their periodic fund raiser, they sell donated art that you, yes YOU can afford to buy. The atmosphere is less arty and more community party, and this week there was even a stand up comedian. Kenneth McLaurin did a series of three minute bits. He made the mostly white audience laugh and squirm, so you know he’s good!

The CSMA gallery was another highlight. The We Are Ithaca portrait project was on display, and I’ll just quote form the projects website:

Jyl Dowd

“WE ARE ITHACA is a hosting a multi-faceted portrait project in 2017/2018 that uses the power of photography to engage diverse communities within our city in dialogue and celebration of our complex identity. At the heart of WE ARE ITHACA is the photographic portrait project carried out by Project Director/photographer Robyn Wishna, a small group of Ithaca College  students and volunteers. This is a project of the Community Arts Partnership made possible by a grant from the Park Foundation.” (There’s CAP again!)

This is a good segue into the friends part. Long time (as in our adult children were toddlers together) friend Elise Skalwold was involved as a project  associate. And right there on the wall (as well as standing next to me) was one of my two favorite people to wander gallery night with, Jyl Dowd, the development coordinator at The Cancer Resource Center. Turns out between her and Mike, our enthusiastic gallery night companion, you can get yourself introduced to just about everybody in town in under two hours.


Speaking of which, that’s Mike on the right, with Matthew Petti, whose assemblages at Sunny Days included rescued bits of cutting boards, various glassed slides and mysterious pieces of metal evocative of Victorian curio cabinet collections.

sculptures by Matthew Petti

I’m afraid you only got a taste of the many works of art on display that night. You’ll just have to go for yourself next First Friday of the month. And if you are really lucky, maybe you’ll see Mike there. Just be sure to tell him what day you were born…


Oasis Presents The Ithaca Bottom Boys

Ithaca Bottom Boys

Junkyard Theory with The Ithaca Bottom Boys, 9pm. Junkyard Theory is Emily Hoyt (SensE) and Shane Hoyt (DJ Philth).   “Cutting edge husband and wife band covering everything from Radiohead to The Police to NIN… lots of orginal music… awesome female vocals, live flute… tons of cool equipment to produce crazy amounts of different sounds… maschine mikro, korg mini kaoss pad, voicelive touch… we like to get weird”

The Ithaca Bottom Boys are Flint Clint – Guitar, Smokey Joe – Banjo, Scottie Popistopolis – Drums, Deep Jumbo – Bass, Johny CD-Seed – Guitar, and Tris Rasta – Mandolin   ….. “dirty, unpredictable, outsider country folk maybe? Gangster rap? Polka? There is nobody like them and I don’t know how to describe it so just come PLEASE?? Always a good time with the boys.”

Bottom Boys

Andrew Alling CD Release at Studio West


The art on the walls, a lit candle, and the muted ambiance of Studio West made it the perfect venue for Andrew Alling’s deeply personal musical vision. A sort of one man band, he played guitar, harmonica and  bass pedal at the same time. Our favorite tune, Conduit (also a favorite of sound engineer Will Russell of Electric Wilberland), included loping rhythms and harmoniously pleasing passing notes played with bare feet.

About his performance, Andrew says:

Thank you to everyone who came out last Wednesday night. This was the first time in years that I charged at the door and it won’t happen again for a while. I will be playing free shows in the spring and summer. If you are interested buying a CD I encourage you to come out to hear me play and pick one up from me but if you can not wait, or you are too far away, find me a gig in you home town and I will come to you, or you can visit: Thanks for your support. I am excited to start my next project and new songs are flowing. Peace Andrew