For our first mini-vacation of the year, we attended the Friday auction at the Bostwick Auction & Gallery in Candor. (I assume the “gallery” part refers to the old advertising signs on all the walls.)They auction the barn stuff outside and the household items inside.There is food and lots of dogs and babies and local characters-it’s a small town social event. The first time we went we didn’t have a plan, and while I was happy with what we got, we definitely went over budget ! Now we look at the posted pictures first, and decide what we are willing to spend. You have to keep in mind the buyers fee and taxes for it to really work. Honestly, we still play it pretty loose. Often what we like in the picture doesn’t hold up to an in-person once over, but conversely, we’ll go for a great deal on just about anything.
Today we got a wheelbarrow and a four-wheeled dolly for about thirty bucks. The “anything if it is a deal” purchase was three marble topped sinks for five. Mushroom sorting table? Batik sink? Barn clutter?
Our score (and big ticket item) was this crazy little Eastlake style side table. It has brass plated cast iron side decorations & a quarter sawn oak top. The corner braces (purely decorative) are solid brass. The bottom shelf seems to have a story-the bottom of the lower shelf has mostly peeled off veneer. It seems unlikely they would veneer the bottom, so we’re thinking some repair where the bottom was flipped over. We are sanding the the top and refinishing it.
After the auction, we had dinner at the Calaboose Grill in Owego, first stopping in the park to check out the original fire alarm bell purchased by the village in 1867.
This location has been the site of multiple restaurants, all of which have referenced “jail” in the name, and for good reason. Home of the former Tioga County jail house, much of original metal jailhousework has been retained. Upstairs are tables entirely within a cell-no windows, of course!-with barred doors that can still slide closed. This jail building was attached to the sheriff’s residence, constructed in 1910, replacing a previous jail. The cell work is the Pauly System, which has a locking device, whereby the cells may be all locked and unlocked by the movement of one lever. After Image0031the county built a new jail in 1996, this one was sold, and by 2000, the second and third floors had been renovated into apartments. Since the cell work was structural, it was retained. The first and second floors were also renovated to house the first of several jail themed-restaurants.
Important note: Thursday is Tioga Tourist Day-10% off if you are from out of town!