Oasis Presents The Ithaca Bottom Boys

Ithaca Bottom Boys

Junkyard Theory with The Ithaca Bottom Boys, 9pm. Junkyard Theory is Emily Hoyt (SensE) and Shane Hoyt (DJ Philth).   “Cutting edge husband and wife band covering everything from Radiohead to The Police to NIN… lots of orginal music… awesome female vocals, live flute… tons of cool equipment to produce crazy amounts of different sounds… maschine mikro, korg mini kaoss pad, voicelive touch… we like to get weird”

The Ithaca Bottom Boys are Flint Clint – Guitar, Smokey Joe – Banjo, Scottie Popistopolis – Drums, Deep Jumbo – Bass, Johny CD-Seed – Guitar, and Tris Rasta – Mandolin   ….. “dirty, unpredictable, outsider country folk maybe? Gangster rap? Polka? There is nobody like them and I don’t know how to describe it so just come PLEASE?? Always a good time with the boys.”

Bottom Boys

Family Newspaper

My daughter has resurrected a project she and our son originally did as children-a family newspaper. Full of bits of news submitted by our large circle of family and friends who sometimes struggle to keep in touch and up to date, she used to mail them out, complete with drawings, photos and poems. Nowadays it’s Mailchimp and her skills as a print media graduate that make the paper fly. I won’t be posting the issues here (private), but I do have permission to post this exhortation to SUBMIT. If you have any creative folks in your family, I highly recommend you try this !



Food Frenzy

Another fun in the city post from Jade….


This past week seems to be the week of events! Over the weekend, a mutual friend who works in the food industry scored tickets for her, her boyfriend (ben’s bro), Ben, and myself, to go to the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York at the Javits Center. Talk about a food coma!

According to my name badge, I was there as a designer for a food packaging company…. according to my stomach, I was there to eat as much food as possible. And oh the food. We had everything from various cheeses, to mini samosas, mochi ice cream, pickled brussel sprouts, salsas, dips, spreads, breads, it was a food lover’s heaven. Plus they had this glorious area called… The Pub. Where all sorts of breweries got together to show off their latest amazing brews, plus wines and ciders.

In honor of the Double E team, I also…

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