Put “Execute American Folklore” into the Hands of the People

Neon Baptist fans should sit up and take notice of Johnny Dowd’s IndieGogo campaign! Also anyone who has NOT had a song written about them…

Johnny's Got the Mic

It’s been less than a week, and Johnny’s IndieGoGo campaign is really rocking. We at Johnny Dowd Fan are thrilled to see folks stepping up to show their support, and we hope Johnny is feelin’ the love. But if you think we’re gonna let y’all nab the killer perks before we do just cuz we’re nice, you’ve got another think coming… Better jump on it before we do!

(PS Even if you haven’t got a nickle to spare, help Johnny out by sharing on all your interweb social media tubes.)

May 23, 2016

Frame from Johnny’s Indiegogo video. Go to Indiegogo page to watch the video! (Link below)

Frame from Johnny’s Indiegogo video. Go to Indiegogo page to watch the video! (Link below)

Hello everyone.

I just launched my Indiegogo campaign for my new album. I think you’ll like the perks: the new album, Neon Baptist CDs, t-shirts, and more. Please check it out here:

Johnny Dowd at Indiegogo

There are a couple snippets from…

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Food Frenzy

Another fun in the city post from Jade….


This past week seems to be the week of events! Over the weekend, a mutual friend who works in the food industry scored tickets for her, her boyfriend (ben’s bro), Ben, and myself, to go to the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York at the Javits Center. Talk about a food coma!

According to my name badge, I was there as a designer for a food packaging company…. according to my stomach, I was there to eat as much food as possible. And oh the food. We had everything from various cheeses, to mini samosas, mochi ice cream, pickled brussel sprouts, salsas, dips, spreads, breads, it was a food lover’s heaven. Plus they had this glorious area called… The Pub. Where all sorts of breweries got together to show off their latest amazing brews, plus wines and ciders.

In honor of the Double E team, I also…

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