Family Newspaper

My daughter has resurrected a project she and our son originally did as children-a family newspaper. Full of bits of news submitted by our large circle of family and friends who sometimes struggle to keep in touch and up to date, she used to mail them out, complete with drawings, photos and poems. Nowadays it’s Mailchimp and her skills as a print media graduate that make the paper fly. I won’t be posting the issues here (private), but I do have permission to post this exhortation to SUBMIT. If you have any creative folks in your family, I highly recommend you try this !



Museum of the Earth


The Museum of the Earth (formerly and more substantially known as The Paleontological Research Institute) had a botanical drawing exhibit by Tim AngelI I very much wanted to see, and it did not disappoint.
Tim Angell Tim Angell
I once took drawing classes from the scientific illustrator Bente King, and I really loved the results I got. That much focused attention to detail for as long as drawings like that take is hard for me to stick to without outside support, but I have managed to go to that timeless place occasionally as I drew since, and I hope to do so again. If I managed to do it then with two little kids working along side me (they had great results,too!), maybe I will yet.

After viewing the art, we did the rest of the museum. I am continually fascinated by the geology of New York, so I spent a good part of the time trying to take in the pattern of forces that shaped it. I could have spent equally as long in the Arctic exhibit. Even a small museum has too much for my brain to hold… I think a coffee shop is in order, so I can spend the day there!

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