Fall in Rural NY

My favorite time of year, always has been. For a kid that moved every year, it signaled a fresh start, a situation I thought I was addicted to…until I got a garden. Decades later,this one is mature, and tough as nails.

















– Poem by Dealva Jade


Family Newspaper

My daughter has resurrected a project she and our son originally did as children-a family newspaper. Full of bits of news submitted by our large circle of family and friends who sometimes struggle to keep in touch and up to date, she used to mail them out, complete with drawings, photos and poems. Nowadays it’s Mailchimp and her skills as a print media graduate that make the paper fly. I won’t be posting the issues here (private), but I do have permission to post this exhortation to SUBMIT. If you have any creative folks in your family, I highly recommend you try this !