Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Crazy collage_jiffknot,jadeknot

Am I going to join the long list of bloggers apologizing to their invisible aka non-existent followers for themselves being only visible in the actual world for the past year or two (or three)? Yes, I am not, and I’m just the gal to do it!

In 2015 I had the stellar experience of tagging along on the Johnny Dowd That’s Your Wife tour. I had a blast, and if you want to read about it, or, well, mostly look at pictures, zero on the posts at Johnny Dowd Fan for April 2015. Here’s one just for my peeps-a cool wattle fence in England:

Photo_wattle fence,jif

Not only did that suck up all my attention in 2015, along with a fair amount of cash spent mostly on clothes ordered from Stitch Fix with the instructions “Please keep me from being embarrassed in public”, it completely knocked me off my homesteading stride. I mean, I was on a ROCK TOUR f’r chrissake. Who needs ordinary life?

Turns out I do. Big crash for most of us the election year, and it’s time to get serious. I don’t have the chops to make this a political blog-there’s a million out there, many excellent. But like the kid says: What do I want? Science. When do I want it? After peer review.

See you on the home front!

2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

  1. Very nice blog post, Jif. Thanks for sending. As a decent writer myself, I can tell you you are a very good writer, among all the other things you do so well, not least of which is being an amazing sister who has helped me in big ways and small. I’m grateful in big ways and small, more than you will ever know.


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