Oasis Presents The Ithaca Bottom Boys

Ithaca Bottom Boys

Junkyard Theory with The Ithaca Bottom Boys, 9pm. Junkyard Theory is Emily Hoyt (SensE) and Shane Hoyt (DJ Philth).   “Cutting edge husband and wife band covering everything from Radiohead to The Police to NIN… lots of orginal music… awesome female vocals, live flute… tons of cool equipment to produce crazy amounts of different sounds… maschine mikro, korg mini kaoss pad, voicelive touch… we like to get weird”

The Ithaca Bottom Boys are Flint Clint – Guitar, Smokey Joe – Banjo, Scottie Popistopolis – Drums, Deep Jumbo – Bass, Johny CD-Seed – Guitar, and Tris Rasta – Mandolin   ….. “dirty, unpredictable, outsider country folk maybe? Gangster rap? Polka? There is nobody like them and I don’t know how to describe it so just come PLEASE?? Always a good time with the boys.”

Bottom Boys


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