One of Those Days

-contributed by Zora

I just had one of those days yesterday. I kept smelling something cheesy for a couple of days running. I washed me and the dog. Still there. Next I decided to wash the throw on the couch and as I was starting the load I thought, hmmmm might as well wash the sweater I wear (cause I keep the house cool to save money). It is a large oatmeal colored fleece that got left at our house years ago. We never could get anyone to claim it. It has pockets that are zippered on each side attached in such a way as to create big pouches inside. You probably have one like it too. I always go thru pockets before washing and I felt something but it was not in the pocket. zora1So I felt around the inner pouch and discovered a soft pink gushy wrinkly lump in a loose skin. After puzzling for a moment or two, I realized it was, no scratch that, it had been a cherry tomato. I guess it had rolled off the kitchen counter when I was fixing a salad. When? No idea. Anyway yuck. Throwing in the rest of the clothes in the basket at the bottom of the laundry chute I noticed a roll of toilet paper. I often use the chute as a soft landing for stuff that belongs downstairs. That way I don’t have to carry things down the stairs and I can hang onto the stair rails and preserve my old falling apart knees. I have divided a package of (12?8?6?) rzora4olls split half upstairs, half down stairs. I pulled out three rolls, and felt around for more, wishing I remembered how many I pitched down. (Next time I plan to remember to throw down half still in the numerically informed wrapper.)

Yeah, sure enough there was one I missed. Moving the load to the dryer I saw white fuzz and the wet pieces of the tube. I had to clean the lint filter and dry the stuff 4 times. That was a lot of extra trips up and down the stairs. I thought I would fix a snack as a reward, so I microwaved some kettle corn. I set it exactly as recommended and it burned so bad that I had to run water into the bag. I am still trying to get the burnt smell out. So of course someone finally wants to see the house I am smelling, and selling!




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