Andrew Alling CD Release at Studio West


The art on the walls, a lit candle, and the muted ambiance of Studio West made it the perfect venue for Andrew Alling’s deeply personal musical vision. A sort of one man band, he played guitar, harmonica and  bass pedal at the same time. Our favorite tune, Conduit (also a favorite of sound engineer Will Russell of Electric Wilberland), included loping rhythms and harmoniously pleasing passing notes played with bare feet.

About his performance, Andrew says:

Thank you to everyone who came out last Wednesday night. This was the first time in years that I charged at the door and it won’t happen again for a while. I will be playing free shows in the spring and summer. If you are interested buying a CD I encourage you to come out to hear me play and pick one up from me but if you can not wait, or you are too far away, find me a gig in you home town and I will come to you, or you can visit: Thanks for your support. I am excited to start my next project and new songs are flowing. Peace Andrew

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