Since we spent New Years Eve watching the folks in Times Square on a computer screen, I thought I’d skip writing about our virtual reality and let Jade tell her much more interesting real story…


This year I did something I swore I would never do, celebrate New Years Eve in the craziest place in New York, Time Square. However, I found a loophole. Namely, two people who conveniently recently got jobs in a building in Time Square, that happened to host a New Years Eve party with an amazing view of the ball drop.

Of course, if one decides to venture into Time Square on New Years, even in a secure building where you have to get signed in to enter, it requires some well timed plans. One that probably should not start with a couple bottles of wine at a great Sushi restaurant in Hoboken, but in our defense, the sushi at Illuzion is amaz-balls. After that, all nine of us hopped on the PATH train to the city, still doing good. Train wasn’t crowded, as it was only 6:30pm.

In the city, the…

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