Corning Museum of Glass



This weekend’s Tiny Trip was to Corning,NY.  On the third Thursday of each month, CMoG hosts a free evening event called 2300°. January the theme was wine tastings, and while I am not a big wine drinker, I never pass up the chance to wander around a museum after hours. As it was late afternoon, we didn’t get much chance to explore Corning’s fine historic district first, but we did manage a visit to The Market Street Brewery. Good beer, and the deadly delicious Loaded Chips appetizer. And by chips I mean actual slices of potatoes. And by loaded I mean bacon.

The museum was packed. The Innovation Center exhibits were accessible and always interesting,especially the gigantic ruined Palomar observatory mirror blank suspended  in the air. It is so huge the museum was built around it. Unfortunately,my dream of a practically private perusal of the galleries was for naught-they were closed. The Glass Market was open (of course), which is almost a gallery itself,if you can keep a grip on your wallet. What we should have done is found Jeff Mack’s glass blowing demonstration and really made the trip worthwhile. And, come to think of it,this blog post…


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