Cutting boards


Last year my daughter,Jade,and I had the simultaneous thrill of purchasing our first full sized cutting boards. Seeing as I was so late to the cooking bug, I think our timing was perfect. I did my research:, and last month I did it. After applying my second coat of mineral oil, then slacking and using the board for a month, I applied a second coat AND the beeswax! I nuked a bit of mineral oil with the wax in microwave, and rubbed it into the board. While I was at it, I did all the mini cutting boards I had been using previously. I’m going to guess there is an easier, neater way to do this, but I’m not likely to use it. Familiar with mess from my previous use for the beeswax (batik), I just rubbed away with cloth and fingertips. It would have been helpful to reheat the wax periodically, especially when I ended up with bits of beeswax coming off on the counters. After that, I buffed more thorughly, and even ran the board under hot water to smooth it out.


The board should be wiped down with vinegar after each use, and the oil/wax reapplied monthly. (I’ve done the vinegar only occasionally, and the reapplication never, and me and my board ain’t dead yet.)


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