Snack Shelf

Breathing,sleeping,coming in out of the rain-my fellow householders take care of these things themselves. Feeding them is my job. They don’t like to stop to put on a bandaid, much less eat. And they definitely won’t eat anything that takes  30 seconds to make or heat up. So-I set up the Snack Shelf.
I have an eclectic mix of dried fruit,nuts, pretzels, jerky and yes, cookies instantly at hand. Something fresh is on the side, like apples or carrots, since these folks can’t be bothered to peel an orange…. This will get most anyone through a day of wood splitting or Xbox. I found the shelf by the side of the road and tore off the damaged trim. Mike painted it for me-the blue matches the wall in another room, and the yellow is the actual color of my kitchen wall, so it looks like the shelf has no back. A cheap bookshelf in the den is improved by the same illusion.

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